any pronouns | 19 | queer


i go by grinn online, but my IRL names are parker and yisrael. nicknames for yisrael are fine but i prefer no nicknames for parker unless we are close.
i'm 19, and my birthday is in october.
i'm queer (specifically biromantic/sapphic). i use any pronouns.
i'm currently a senior in college.
i have been diagnosed with several medical issues that may sometimes effect my motivation and ability to understand/process things.
my hobbies include art (both digital and traditional), sewing/crafts (especially costume making), video games (mostly co-op or singleplayer), d&d, and character design.
i live in florida (EST time zone).


click on any image to view it in full size!
line weights & canvas sizes may vary slightly.
i will not draw in an art style other than the examples given, unless I explicitly say so!
examples here are anthro/humanoid, but i also draw ferals! feel free to ask for examples if you have a specific kind of character that you'd like an example of.


you may:
redesign or make changes to the character.
resell or trade the character.
make the character a toyhouse profile.

you may not:
remove the original design from the character's page (a tab is ok).
resell the character for more than you got it for, unless you've commissioned or made extra art.
remove my credit or delete/private the character from/on toyhouse without notifying me.


you may:
repost or use as a pfp/background/banner.
add the price to your character's worth.
apply things such as filters or stickers to it, or add a background to it.

you may not:
repost without credit (you are welcome to use it as a pfp/background/banner without crediting in your bio, just let people know if they ask who drew it).
add art trades / gift art to the character's worth (i will make an exception for art trades if the worth of the art i did is close to or equal to the worth of the art you did, so just ask if you're not sure the worth).
make edits to the art itself (i will be glad to do this for you myself if you ask).